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Import goods

CONTACT Mr. Agume DATE 12.11.2019 DEMAND medicine – injectable insulin COUNTRY afghanistan STATUS SUPPLIER EXPECTED EXPIRY     CONTACT Mr. alejandra dides DATE 04.11.2019 DEMAND Wooden doors COUNTRY Italy STATUS SUPPLIER EXPECTED EXPIRY   Good afternoon,We need to import a large quantities of wooden doors, I would appreciate sending photos with CIF pricesThank you  CONTACT […]

export opportunities abroad

Export opportunities will contribute in positive way Export opportunities abroad will turn difficult domestic market conditions into surplus … Trade is a difficult and tough way. it has ups and downs but has little output. It requires patience and stability, dedication or demand .. Is it worth so much effort? time is worth it or […]

ideal destination for convention

ideal destination for convention, Turkey wealth of first-class accommodation and conference facilities, easy access to the world’s major cities, beautiful decor and offers unique scenery. All this adds to an excellent climate and a much lower cost advantage over alternative destinations. Turkey, the European countries, the Gulf and proximity to the northern buyessay country with […]