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One of furniture manufacturers and turnkey contract furniture solutions for many years

NAS PROJE One of furniture manufacturers for many years and has completed very large and very nice turnkey contract furniture solutions in Turkey and in some other countries.

The products needed by the project are produced with relative companies that it has been working with for many years and continues as an application in the project. Nas Proje cares about customer satisfaction and always makes high quality and flashy projects.

Product headlinehospital furniture, interior equipment, steel cabinets, metal lockers, archive cabinets , office furniture, office chairs, outdoor furniture, home furniture, hotel furniture, hospital bed, Turnkey furniture, school equipment, contract furniture solutions

Relative companies working with us : office furniture manufacturer, office chair manufacturers, home furniture manufacturer, hotel furniture manufacturers, hospital furniture manufacturers, steel cabinets manufacturers, lockers manufacturers, educational furniture manufacturer, hospital bed manufacturers, outdoor playground manufacturers, school equipment manufacturers

Turnkey hospital furniture projects

Hospital furniture used to be plain colors, not flashy furniture in the very old times, but lately hospitals are as eye-catching as very luxurious hotels, especially the furniture of refractory rooms, patient rooms, multi-directional electric patient beds, kafertaya furniture are vibrant and eye-catching, today hospitals are only treated. They are not places, but also the hospital has its own sports halls in the areas where the employees can do their social activities, steel lockers in each room, the resturant of the hospital that does the sport beautifully, eat his food and sip his coffee with great peace before the new patient rescues.

The products and general zone in project we can supply: electric hospital bed, patient room furniture, hospital waiting room furniture, hospital furniture, laboratory furniture

Turnkey hotel furniture and reception area furniture projects

For us, hotel rooms are places with memories, people’s common spaces even though everyone has different stories and purposes. When designing a hotel room, one has to find the functionality that he finds in his home and even in his office at the same time.

The products and general zone in project we can supply: reception area furniture, reception sofa set, hotel bedroom furniture, hotel lobby furniture, banquet hall furniture

Office storage cabinets and turnkey office furniture projects

Office environments are places where ideas are produced, ideas are brought to life, office furniture should be ergonomic and functional in order to get the highest efficiency, spaces should be as wide as possible, interconnected, disciplined working space or the most efficient in terms of functionality.

The products and general zone in project we can supply: office furniture, office storage cabinets, archive cabinets, office chairs, office sofa

Educational furniture and turnkey university furniture projects

universities are always the place of dreams of every self-educated youth and person, spending time here is like going to another world

The products and general zone in project we can supply: lecture chairs, library tables, library furniture, educational furniture

Turnkey auditorium furniture projects

The products and general zone in project we can supply: auditorium chairs, theater seating, cinema seating, auditorium sound systems, conference hall lighting control systems

Turnkey residential and villa furniture projects

Being able to have a cup of coffee to find peace and to taste at the end of the day when everyone is sure they need it most, home furnishings are not functional or ergonomic, but the peace of your home will give you family and loved ones.

The products and general zone in project we can supply: home interior design, bedroom interior design, kitchen furniture, home lighting solutions, living room furniture, turnkey furniture solutions, floor carpet tiles

Turnkey outdoor playground projects

Young people are the building blocks of the future and leaving them a beautiful tomorrow is always about making them happy and acquiring skills to improve themselves. Children are the architects of a better tomorrow.

The products and general zone in project we can supply: outdoor playground equipment, garden lighting, outdoor furniture, artificial mountain, artificial waterfall

Restaurant sofa and turnkey restaurant furniture projects

Products and general zone in project we can supply : restaurant furniture, restaurant sofa, cafe chairs, industrial kitchen equipments, wall cladding,

Classroom furniture and Turnkey school furniture and turnkey dormitory furniture projects

Products and general zone in project we can supply : school desk, dormitory furniture, classroom board, computer tables, sport equipment, steel lockers, steel bunkbed, metal lockers, waiting room sofas, laminate cubicles


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